“We have just added two Flux Drive units to our pool and spa motors and pumps. When they were installed, we noticed an immediate reduction in vibration and temperatures of the motors and pumps.

They are both running at lower RPM with substantial energy savings and we have also reduced the maintenance required on these two applications.”

Michael Moran Facility Manager, Mel Korum Family YMCA

Whitney Purvis Facilities Tech, Mel Korum Family YMCA

The motor and pump are both operating at noticeably lower temperatures with the Flux Drive ASD installed, and the noise and vibration are substantially reduced, compared to the adjacent pumps.

This will also reduce our maintenance costs and improve the overall reliability of these pumps.

Greg Whittaker Animal Husbandry Manager, Moody Gardens Aquarium

In addition to the energy saving, there are many indirect benefits that we’ll realize over time with reduced wear on bearings, less frequent seal replacement, and fewer issues associated with chronic vibration.

Roy Drinnen Assistant Curator of Fishes, Moody Gardens Aquarium

“Replacing the variable frequency drives with Flux Drive ASD’s has reduced our stress and cost to maintain the Pump House system.

The Flux Drive ASD is easy to understand and easily modified by the facilities staff if changes need to be made to the system.”

Mike Drennon Facilities and Mechanical Service Manager, The Evergreen State College

Vancouver Aquarium installs Flux Drive Adjustable Speed Drives. Saves 1 Megawatt per year and receives 70% reimbursement from BC Hydro.

“The installation of the Flux Drive here at the Houston Zoo has resulted in a much quieter work area and we can now adjust the speed of the motor with ease.

The Flux Drive has cut the power use for that pump in half. Installed across the board, this could result in a significant savings to an institution both in dollars and energy use as we all try to be more aware of our impact on the earth’s resources.

We also believe that the wear and tear on our pumps will be significantly reduced as we no longer have to throttle back the flow of water leaving the pump.

We will definitely be tracking those savings as time goes on.”

Beth Schaefer Curator of Natural Encounters and Sea Lions, Houston Zoo