Fluxdrive is an energy saving, game changing innovation that will revolutionize the world. It uses "magnetic coupling technology" and parts of "conventional induction motor theory" to transfer torque through an air gap.

Flux Drive is a replacement for drives that are used in between a motor and rotating device (load). Flux Drive is a "Green" innovation from America.

Flux Drive ASD has recorded up to 75% of energy savings. The patented magnetic coupling technology and elimination of friction and heat loss has makes it virtually Maintenance Free.

Flux Drive

can work on Motors, Pumps, Fans, Gearboxes, Cooling Towers, Material Handling Systems, Water & Waste System Treatments, Starting & Service Air Compressors


Marine, Buildings, In-Land, Offshore, Military, Fresh or Sea-Water, Oil & Gas, Fire, Hazardous Areas, Industrial

Flux Drive can be matched or retrofitted to any kind of motor (electrical / gas powered), the only limiting factor is the type of coupling or shaft size you use.



Flux Drive is coated with a number of protection coating and can literally be hosed down for cleaning without any problems. The standards include ASTM B633; SC2; Type II, Mil-A-8625; Type II, Class 2 and 304SS which are designed for harsh environments.

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  • Eliminates high power demands during start-up – Soft Starting of driven Machinery
  • 98.5% efficient power transfer – only 1.5% slip loss
  • Reduces vibration, system noise and lifecycle costs – Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Operates in Harsh Environment – Safe and Reliable
  • No Harmonic Interference – Simple Efficient Design
  • 100% Mechanical Speed Control Device
  • Motor can be sized for load – Retrofit to Existing Motors